Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Society Through the Eyes of a Freshman

This is my first post with some meaning behind it and I plan to waste no time of the readers. That is if I actually have any. My mind works in impulsive and creative ways, its hard to explain why I follow my impulses, maybe it is the result of the many passions I have in this world. I love money, but not for its monetary value. I love helping others but not because it makes me feel accomplished. I love academia, but hate that it is embedded into our lives only for structured success. I can go on forever and each impulse, each passion, will lessen but never leave my mind or body.

To start off, I take enjoyment in occasionally partaking in "recreational activities" with my friends. In no way do I advocate such behavior, but I feel these activities open my mind to a higher level of thinking, almost an enlightening for a higher purpose. Many of my friends either call me wise or way gone for my unique ability to rationalize, dissect, conceptualize, and abstractly convey ideas of the patterns of life and society. Over time, however, through observations, my friends have slowly kind of wanted to get "enlightened" with me maybe just so they can hear what crazy things I would say. Maybe they are not so crazy. By no means am I intelligent in respect to some of the young minds I have already met in academia. Just by conversing and seeing the drive of some of my peers to excel in the world of science and mathematics is mind blowing. But I have realized these people lack a sense of surrounding, lack the ability to easily fit and adapt. The respect I have for my peers is greater that can be abstractly explained. Yet, they fit the mold of society like an enzyme binding to a receptor. A receptor that has a specific shape only meant for that person. Why is this so? Why do civilizations disappear? Why do people shoot others? Somehow I feel like I am obligated to share what is running through my mind when I am "enlightened", opening some minds in the process.

So from now on I will only write in this respected blog when I have been "enlightened". I will continue this blog until the purpose is fulfilled.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Expert Inteview

I decided to conduct by expert interview over the phone with my cousin, Darshan Patel, who is currently employed at Allscripts Health Management Health Management Systems Solutions. Allscripts is the nations 23rd fastest growing company according to Fortune Magazine and has helped revolutionize the Health care industry by providing electronic medical support directly to physicians, hospitals, clinical education, and medical services. My interviewee has received a bachelors in MIS and Public Health from Eastern Carolina University, and currently deals with technical support to customers through systems development. I decided to interview Mr. Patel because of his technical background and his constant interaction with networking use. In addition, since allscipts provides health solutions to customers through databases, I knew Mr. Patel was knowledgeable in retrieving and analyzing the correct data needed to find the solution.
Mr. Patel stated that he retrieves and analyzes data by searching through databases which includes electronic health record, practice management, electronic prescribing, document imaging and medication dispensing. He basically helps health professionals simplify medicine by making it more effective and more efficient. He said he first is contacted directly by a customer, or a health professional with a certain problem relating to software, use, or databases. He then must use his resources and prior knowledge of other cases to successfully solve the customer's technical problem so the medical professional can continue his practice. He uses new sources all the time and sometimes has to create sources so more problems can be solved at a faster rate. He stated that in his industry, he needs to quickly sift through massive amounts of information and go find a single piece of information in a very timely manner. He said this process is relatively new and the idea of health solutions was really started after the dot com bubble. With out the dot com bubbly companies like allscripts would either be non existent or be very inefficient.
I now led the interview to focus more about the dot com bubble and how it impacted his industry. He stated that because of this huge network of information and the ability to upload information at such a high rate, it opened up careers in his field; MIS. However, I asked if the dot com bubble hurt the company in any way, since millions of people lost money and their careers. He said it was tough to find jobs after the dot com era crashed and that was the reason he went to Health Management Information Systems because he saw that this new Internet boom will fuel services over the Internet which people will always need.
Mr. Patel clearly was affected by the dot com bubble and had to make some changes in his career, but I finally drew my conclusion about the dot com bubble. Without the dot com bubble we certainly would not be exposed to the amount of information that we currently are. Without the dot com bubble, millions of people would not have found decent salary paying employment. Without the dot com bubble society would not have been impacted more greatly. This interview with Mr. Patel indirectly help me set up my research paper and helped me draw conclusions. I now understand why I was so intrigued by the rise and fall of the dot com bubble and that is because we are so immersed in a culture so dependent on the Internet that the standard of living expected by our generation would be nonexistent. In conclusion, this interview not only taught me about the interviewing process, but also how effective a single interview could be with the right type of person being interviewed.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Research Update

I researched a number of other companies from the dot com era, and learned how many companies like boo.com, blew hundreds of millions of dollars of venture capital on a poorly-planned business model, becoming the poster-child for mismanaged dot-coms, and Broadband Sports who also lost millions. They will be able to contrast the rise of amazon and other companies similiar to their status. I reviewed one article Silicon Valley Start-Ups Awash in Dollars, Again, a New York Times article which points out the US economy might be on the verge of another dot com bubble with high end acquisitions which are way over valued. This site will be a good source to back up how the first dot com bubble could potentially lead to another one in the future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Research Update

I have found some really good sources, especially from the Annotated Bibliography, which will help address my main question and a few of my subquestions. I decided that a good chunk of my paper will be a case study of a specific dot com company and its journey from its beginning to its present state in the economy. I think I will do this case study on amazon.com because I found a credible source which explains how amazon.com reached success and made a profit while other companies loss millions during the dot com bubble burst. I will also talk about some economic policies that evolved from the dot com bubble or which policies were discredited as a result of the bust. I will also talk about how one economic bubble will lead to another bubble, which is the driving force of the American economy. I already have some sources to work with on these selected topics, but im sure I will be able to retrieve some more credible sources as I research more strongly.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1-2-3 Step

1. The Dot Com Era left a lasting impression on the global economy and business entrepreneurship.

2. How come no one foresaw the impact of the burst of the bubble if it made companies and industries millions in a very short time period. It was amazing how some companies collapsed and went bankrupt while others stayed afloat in the market. Why did these companies succeed and how did their survival effect the economy and entrepreneurial world.

3. A better understanding of the dot com era can help economists, investors, and business world, make better decisions to where money is invested so there is not another major bubble. Another major bubble would mean that people would lose money and the economy would go into an automatic recession, which essentially means that I lose money. If there was another bubble, to invest in companies similar to the ones that succeeded during the Dot Com Bubble would be very profitable.

Primary Questions:
1. Why did the Dot Com Bubble occur? What jump started the Dot Com era?

2. Why did the bubble grow uncontrollably to a point where a fall would cost millions?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Research

Today I conducted about a hour research venture mostly finding alternative sources and copying and pasting bits and pieces of information after citing the sources. So far most of my research has been on the computer using credible websites. However, know i need to use textbooks and electronic databases to find larger quantities of information. I think the SILS library will be able to help me but I will need to go to the library for my the next portion of my research. So far I have had lots and lots of background information on the Dot Com Bubble but I need more specific information on how it directly affected society and businesses.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Class Excercise II

Physical: I basically googled Dot Come bubble and went to website that seemed credible. I then read the information the resource provided and made sure it was correct and unbiased.
Affective: I felt good. Actually there was not an actual feeling or good or bad but more of a feeling of assurance and confidence. I now know that there is information available on my topic.
Cognitive: I was processing the information and making sure it was credible. I also was looking out for links which could aid my research. Basically I made sure that what i was researching was relevent to my topic.